Silhouette® Full Infusion Set


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The comfort of an angled insertion with the convenience of disconnecting at the infusion site, all in a discrete, low-profile design. Works with the Sil-Serter™ to provide optimal insertion every time. Offers the convenience of self-adhesive (no overtaping) and the option to choose your insertion depth. With a variable-angle (35º) cannula, the Silhouette™ infusion set is generally good for extra lean adults or even some children who have less depth to their body fat in which to place the cannula. Caution: U.S. law restricts this device to sale by, or on the order of a physician. Paradigm® Infusion Sets are only compatible with the Paradigm® Pump. Features:
  • Comfortable, variable angle soft cannula
  • Adjustable angle insertion
  • Easy to insert with Sil-Serter™ device
  • Convenient tubing disconnect at site
  • Discreet, low profile design
  • Self-adhesive

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