Tender Corp Medical First Aid Kit For 1 to 4 People

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Tender Corp Medical First Aid Kit For 1 to 4 People, Stabilize Fractures and Sprains, Stop Blisters

Designed for recreational hunters and fishermen on trips up to four days long, the Whitetail contains supplies to treat the most common injuries, including penetration wounds from bullets or arrows, fish hook removal, stabilizing sprains, and stopping severe bleeding. Weighing just one pound and compact enough to fit in any pack, the Whitetail is required equipment on your next hunting/fishing adventure.

  • Irrigation syringe
  • Antiseptic wipes and butterfly bandages for closing wounds
  • Wraps and bandages to immobilize fractures and provide support
  • Die-cut Moleskin plus Skin Tac™ topical adhesive to protect against the hiker's #1 injury
  • Hospital quality tools, including EMT shears and precision forceps set the standard for backcountry medical care.

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