StrataSI® Foley Catheters - Pediatric Sizes


Option: 12/BX | Style : 2-Way | Balloon Size : 5 cc | French Size : 12 Fr - RMC19212
Sale price$73.55


All-silicone pediatric 2-way Foley catheters are designed with proprietary Comfort Layered Technology which creates a soft, smooth, flexible 100% silicone catheter – without the stiffness. Features:
  • Ultra-soft outer layers provide unparalleled softness for reduced urethral trauma
  • Smooth, non-tacky surface for superior comfort while indwelling and upon removal
  • Soft, pliable inner core has flexibility similar to latex for greater patient comfort
  • Integrated, seamless balloon for a smooth transition from tip to shaft
  • Shorter tip for reduced bladder irritation
  • Eyelets positioned lower in bladder for more complete drainage
  • 100% silicone - zero risk of latex-related allergic reactions
  • Resistant to encrustation for reduced risk of catheter failure and pain upon removal

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