System Bandage Fourflex 4-Layer

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Packaging: 8 Kit/Case

FourFlex Compression Bandage System: Medline's FourFlex 4-Layer Compression Bandaging System Provides optimum levels of Compression for Treatment of venous stasis disease. Four bandages simultaneously absorb, Protect and Provide graduated, safe Compression for up to seven days. Weekly dressing changes reduce nurse time. Best used on ankle circumferences of greater than 18 cm (7-1/4"). If necessary, the ankle can be padded to achieve this circumference. Contraindicated for patients with an Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) of less than 0.8. Each kit includes: padding bandage 4 "x 3.8 yards (unstretched), light conforming bandage 4" x 3 yards (unstretched), Compression bandage 4" x 5 yards (unstretched), cohesive bandage 4" x 3.2 yards (unstretched), 3 pieces of tape and application guide.

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