Tray Foley Cath Sil-Elast 18Fr 10Ml Bag

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Packaging: 10 Each/Case

Silicone-Elastomer-Coated Latex Closed System Foley Catheter Tray: An innovative manufacturing Process Provides the maximum amount of silicone coating available. Latex catheter coated internally and externally to resist encrustation and bacterial colonization. Each closed system Foley tray contains: compartmentalized Prep tray, wrapped Aloetouch 3G gloves, 3 pre-saturated PVP swabsticks, 2 dry swabsticks, moisture-Proof under pad, fenestrated drape, 10 ml sterile water syringe, water soluble lube jelly, specimen container with ID label, all packaged in CSR wrap. 18Fr 10ml Silicone-Elastomer Coated Latex Foley Catheter comes pre-connected to a 2000ml drain bag with anti-reflux tower. Sterile.

This item cannot be shipped to the state of CALIFORNIA or to the state of TEXAS!

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